Third Sector Broker


Third Sector Broker

The Third Sector Broker receives referrals from the Common Access Point (CAP); social work and hospital teams; and individuals and families who require support, across Swansea. At present the Third Sector Broker supports people Over 50 who may not currently reach the criteria for social services support, by brokering the best opportunities that are available to them within the Third Sector.

Individuals may require support to relieve social isolation; help with maintaining their independence, e.g. shopping services; respite services etc. The Third Sector Broker will signpost or refer the individual to the most appropriate support that is available to them in their local area.

The Broker also identifies gaps in services and links new groups with funding advisers to aid in their facilitation.

How can people be referred to the Third Sector Broker?
Individuals are referred to the Third Sector Broker directly via the PARIS Social Services system. However, many individuals do obtain the brokers contact details from diverse sources via phone or email, and these are acted upon in the same manner.
The individuals who are referred via PARIS are contacted by the Third Sector Broker and their needs discussed in further depth. The broker may give them some ideas at that time or arrange to research opportunities further and contact them in the near future. After obtaining an individual’s permission the broker can refer to a suitable charity for an assessment of suitability.
The Broker has made links with the charities across the area and can refer directly to the appropriate project manager. After a couple of months the Broker can follow up with the individual to see if they are receiving the support they needed. In the event that they are not, the Broker may suggest a different solution to their support needs.

What difference does the Broker make?
Most of the individuals who are referred to the Third Sector Broker are independent and wish to remain in their own homes. They may need some help to maintain their independence, or for personal reasons e.g. bereavement/ caring responsibilities, some assistance to improve their health and well-being. The Broker uses INFO ENGINE and personal research to compile an accurate and up to date picture of the Third Sector in Swansea. Having this constant dialogue with the Sector improves the likelihood that the individual receives the appropriate support required, and improves their chances of remaining in control of their own lives.