Research and Campaigns Update - November 2018

Research & Campaigns Briefing

November 2018


Welcome to the new quarterly research and campaigns briefing. This is designed to provide a snapshot of what’s going on in research and campaigns currently, what we’ve just finished, and what’s next.

Current work:

In October we started a project looking at the impact of debt advice on our clients. We currently have a team actively contacting past debt clients for their views, and we will be holding focus groups, both for clients and debt advisers, in the next few weeks.

In addition we have volunteers carrying out follow up surveys with clients seen in health setting and we are responding to a Welsh Government consultation on Council Tax exemptions for care leavers.

What we’ve just finished:

Our latest report ‘Universal Credit and Debt: the impact of personal budgeting support’, has gone out to Swansea and NPT councils, local AMs and MPs, DWP, CitA and a variety of other people. Many thanks to Yasmin for all her hard work on this excellent piece of work.

What’s next:

In the New Year we’re starting a research project looking at ‘Refugees in SNPT: the impact of Home Office processes and their endeavours to join up with family.’ This is a partnership project, working with Eyst, the Welsh Refugee Council and Swansea University Law School.

Any questions, comments or ideas please let me know.

Making a Difference Manager

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